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What are Civil Suits?

Generally, civil suits are court-based processes where someone can seek to hold another person liable for some type of wrong. If a court sides with the plaintiff, he or she may be awarded damages and compensation from the defendant. However, civil cases may be resolved by the parties themselves, if both the plaintiff and defendant are able to resolve the dispute and reach a compromise. This type of settlement usually involves payment and can be structured to end in an enforceable judgment.

Whether you have a complaint against someone else or an organization, or if someone has filed a civil complaint against you, your best option is to hire an attorney you can trust. Jenny Evans and her legal staff have the experience and dedication necessary to provide you with the legal representation that you can rely on. Contact us today at (740) 446-4344 in Gallipolis, OH, for a consultation!

The Standard of Proof & Credible Evidence in Civil Cases

The standard of proof in a civil case is different than that of a criminal case. In many civil cases, the preponderance of the evidence is generally what helps the judge or jury to decide who wins the case. This means that the side with a more believable story, and as much convincing evidence as possible to back it up, is more likely to win. With attorney Jenny Evans on your side, you can rest assured that any credible evidence that may help your case will be used effectively.

Types of Civil Suits

Tort Claims, Breach of Contract & More

There are many different types of civil suits that you can file against someone, or have someone file against you. For example, personal injury, negligence, medical malpractice, and fraud are all examples of a tort claim. Breach of contract claims, such as not completing a job, not providing payment, failing to deliver goods, and other types of complaints are also forms of civil cases. Landlord and tenant issues are also handled in civil court, as well as equitable claims. Regardless of the type of case, attorney Jenny M. Evans in Gallipolis, OH, can provide you with the expertise and support you need to win your case. Call today to find out more!