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Putting the Best Interests of Our Clients First

Ms. Evans provides you with the advice that is in your best interest, regardless of her own personal or professional interests. Our staff helps you weigh the evidence and make the best possible legal decision for you, your goals and your family. After explaining your legal rights, options, and analysis, we’ll tell you what we recommend and why. However, it is your life and your decision. Whatever you decide, we’ll be behind you with the full force of the law.

The retainer for our legal services represents our estimate of the average time and expense necessary to adequately represent each type of case, but the actual legal fees will vary by case complexity or needs. Clients will be refunded all unused legal fees within 90 days of completion of the case, which often happens in cases requiring less legal time and needs. We bill clients at $200.00 per hour for each minute worked, unlike most firms, who bill in 15-minute intervals as allowed by law. The practicing attorney reviews all work product and client’s correspondence and therefore hourly rate applies to contact with any and all staff. Our firm does not do unnecessary work or run up the bill on clients. We work very hard for our money, so we treat you as we would hope to be treated.

A Legal Staff of Uncompromising
Integrity & Dedication

Our staff demonstrates uncompromising integrity, but will not hesitate to exercise every viable legal option and ensure each client’s best possible outcome. Ms. Evans thoroughly enjoys her practice as a litigator, and loves her job. Our firm has a lot of experience with challenging and complex cases. We understand the sensitive, vulnerable and often uncomfortable situations that people find themselves in when they need our help. We value individual choices, as well as respect for each other and the system itself.

Although we realize the judicial system has its flaws, and sometimes people make the wrong decisions, the legal process can be improved one case at a time. J. M. Evans Law takes pride in consistently doing the right thing, supporting a fair system of justice, ensuring a job well done and doing what’s best for each of our clients. Our firm values providing affordable justice, and we look forward to serving you.

Wilma Bright

Wilma Bright began working for J.M. Evans Law in April of 2014. Wilma primarily assists attorney Evans on the firm’s domestic relations and criminal defense cases. She also helps with trial preparation and information technology. She has a degree in Business Administration from Strayer University. Wilma lives with her family in Leon, WV.

**Paralegals and legal assistants cannot give legal advice.